Getting the Right Advice and Loan! Where do you Start?

With the multitude of offerings available to business, this task can be confusing, time consuming and daunting. 

Whatever your requirements we can remove the uncertainty by finding a solution that satisfies the most complex situations and meets your needs and goals.

Important Stuff for you to consider!

What Do You Want?

There are several options to consider.

Chattel Mortgage
You take ownership of the equipment or vehicle upon settlement, with the finance provider securing the loan by a charge over the equipment or vehicle you are funding. You can structure your loan payments to best suit your cashflow by choosing the loan term which can even include a balloon (residual) payment at the end of the contracted finance term.

Finance Lease
The ownership of the equipment or vehicle is held by the finance provider. You have the use of the equipment or vehicle for an agreed time frame in return for rental payments. You can structure your rental payments to best suit your cashflow by choosing the term which can even include a residual (balloon) value at the end of the contracted finance term.

Operating Lease
If you are a business that operates a fleet of vehicles, then this product may suit you. Incorporating a rental agreement for a fixed payment over an agreed term, you have the capacity to structure in options into the rental agreement including, registration, service maintenance, tyres etc

What Can You Finance?

Equipment and Vehicle Finance is available across all industries and is available for new and in some circumstances 2nd hand equipment and vehicles. There is significant industry coverage with some examples.

Fire and Protection
Health & Fitness
Office Fit outs
Materials Handling

Transport Equipment
Vehicles- including PAYG employees with Motor Vehicle allowances

Which Lender Do You Choose?

Where do you start? What Bank, or Non-Bank Lender do you consider? What facility, terms and structure best suits your requirements.

Is the rate offered by your existing lender the most market competitive?

Is the actual rate quoted to you by the Dealer the actual rate ? Fees and charges that are not easy to identify can actual mean the rate is much higher.

Some lenders are specialised and offer products associated only with the type of funding and equipment you need.

How Much Deposit or Security Equity Do I Need?

Generally funding is available for 100% of the purchase price including GST. In some circumstances depending on the type and age of the equipment and your businesses position, a deposit might be required.

Can I Obtain a Loan Pre-Approval? Very simply – YES!

What Do I Do Next?

The Vehicle and Equipment sector is very specialised and you need the right advice. To move forward to get some advice and get you on the right path give Ken or Michelle a call or drop them an email and they can give you a call.

KEN   0411 669414MICHELLE   0422 664320


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